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About Absinthe

Absinthe Facts:
1. Absinthe is not a drug and will not make you hallucinate, high or make you go crazy.
2. Fire has no part in the absinthe ritual.  Lighting absinthe on fire is a modern marketing ploy used only to sell foul tasting “absinth.”
3. Real absinthe is not overly bitter.  It is, however, smooth, refreshing and tastes delicious.
4. Much of the so-called absinthe produced in the Czech Republic and Germany is not real absinthe and should be avoided.  If it boasts a high thujone content - don't buy it. 
Prior to purchasing an absinthe, ask if the absinthe is macerated or an oil mix.  Avoid oil mixes and artificially colored absinthe.
6. There was no valid scientific reason why Absinthe was banned in the USA.
7. You can not make absinthe from an extract kit or by merely soaking herbs in spirits.  Do not waste your money on products or kits that make this claim.
8. Absinthe is not all about wormwood or thujone.  Wormwood is just one of the principle ingredients.   If it's thujone you're after, eat some sage. There is a higher concentration of thujone in common sage than in grand wormwood.
9.  Absinthe is good for you (only if taken in moderation). After all, it was invented by a doctor and Absinthe contains many herbs that have long been renowned for their homeopathic qualities. 
10.  Absinthe is delicious and best enjoyed, like all other alcoholic beverages, in moderation.